Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back in Action

Before I could say "Unemployed" - and apparently, before I could get a third blog post up - it became fall. Within a matter of days, the ground had received its annual blanket of crisp, red leaves. I don't know how this time of year always manages to creep up on everyone, although it's a welcome change and an opportunity for me to make some changes in my approach to unemployment (and future employment).

Summer days behind me, along with the ample availability of warm-weather excuses allowing me to blow off jobs-stuff on a whim, I finally took pause to evaluate my progress over the past three months. And there wasn't a whole lot to evaluate. I realized I had spent far too much time being "spread out", searching for jobs in numerous fields and industries of dozens of types. While I had hoped this approach would yield results quicker by putting myself into several different markets at once, it had proved really inefficient. Instead of being able to focusin my efforts in one direction, in one field, I was constantly moving back and forth, having to re-orient myself each time I came across a job opening. And so, after some careful (yet quick) scouring of the classifieds, I decided that I would start applying only to customer service/retail positions, as this seemed to be the most open field at the time. So, one trip to the library, 6 applications sent off, and voila - I suddenly had two interviews lined up (Remember, I had only ONE interview the entire summer. This was a reason to celebrate). This new focused method really seemed to be working.

Unfortunately, those interviews did not lead to employment. And I can't say I did't feel disappointment, particularly after I had just been called in for a second interview for one of the companies. I can't say I'm not starting to feel strained by the amount of "selling" I'm having to do - to potential employers, recruiters, professionals and peers. Because after four months of touting my most valuable assets, I hate to admit that its all beginning to sound a bit lackluster. However, I've spent the day recharging my batteries with my favorite career-oriented networks: Brazen Careerist and Excelle. I know this is just another opportunity to re-group once more, plan for my next set of action, keeping in mind the aforementioned goals of efficiency and direction. I am garnering the experience of those three interviews to hopefully propel myself forward and excel at the next interview in the (hopefully) not so distant future.

Here's to autumn - and changes in the air.


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