Sunday, February 21, 2010

and the train it keeps on moving

Oh my dear, few readers (Mom), I regret allowing so much time to pass before writing. Mostly, I am regretful for my own sake, that I let this blog and all the ideas I had for it wither away at the exact moment it began to take off (yes, having four reader comments by complete strangers meant "taking off" for me). I got a job and so the unemployed moniker became irrelevant. I dabbled over the past few months of how I might re-name this blog and what I might turn its focus to. But mostly, I became comfortable with my 8-5 gig and writing about careers, and job-hunting, and a new college grad who encounters those things no longer occupied a large space in my brain. Not to say that I wasn't thinking about all of it. Especially because the job was temporary and now, is quickly approaching its expiration date. Once again, I will be unemployed.

This time will be different, and thats not just a statement of defiance. I've learned so much in the past months: the subtle yet significant differences between work, jobs, and careers; the styles in which others approach work and working, and the ways they approach unemployment and not working; the infinite possibilities that exist once you begin to think outside of the cubicle box.. I'm headed toward my second period of unemployment with the understanding that it will be temporary but probably, not the last. Its with a calm sense of awareness that I again climb aboard that moving train. I've got some ideas of where I might go, but I won't be disappointed if I don't get there for awhile.

This blog will be changing along with my views of unemployment, employment, and conscious living. I hope to bridge many of the divisions that are placed between these few ideas, and explore their synthesis. I'll still share my ideas and thoughts on the career-pursuit, while keeping in mind that work in 21st century America (and beyond) is changing at an immeasurably rapid pace. Part of this change is in the individual as a worker, and how she can create and determine her own market value. I am working on imagining my self not within the confines of a business or organization, but rather, as a business/organization in itself. I will write more about me, in hopes of discovering how I can go about creating a career that I am passionate about. Once again, I've got-a lot-a ideas...and soon again, I'll have a lot-a-time.

For right now, here's a list of the people I'm most enamored with on the blogosphere, for their abilities to innovatively pursue (and bridge) life and work in this new day-and-age:
Sloane Barrent (the epitome of work/life/philanthropy, I bow down): http://www.thecausemopolitan.com/
Chris Guillebeau (by no means an ordinary guy; but inspiring nonetheless): http://chrisguillebeau.com/3x5/

Stay tuned, ya'll..


michelle rene said...

If you keep writing like this you'll find a job in no time, bean. You can do it. :)

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