Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the new (feel good) dailies

Oh my. These days and nights fly by too furiously. To-do's get stacked up, one after the other, night after night, just like the dishes on my kitchen counter. We are busy, busy, busy. It's nothing new.
Lately I've been struck by inspiration from a hundred different directions, which makes the days feel even shorter, even more frantic as I try to harness and collect and propel these ideas and actions into their appropriate channels.
But today, I stumbled on this blog which so simply manages to shed insight, humor, and guidance on these complex, up-and-down, hectic lives of our's - all through daily thank you's. I may not have time for much physical exercise, and I'm definitely maxed out on mental exertion by nightfall, but this daily exercise in gratitude is one I can happily stand behind. I really can't think of a better way to end - and begin - each day.

See this amazing blog here.


Nate Berends said...

Dear Blogger,

Thank you for sharing this. You have a distinct talent for sharing things that are truly insightful. After I read this post last week I immediately began doing two things:

1) Checking ThxThxThx.com daily.
2) Thinking about what my own notes might look or sound like.

I was delighted to see that you are practicing this in your own kitchen and I was even more delighted to be invited by Jill to add my own. For all of these things, thank you.


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