Sunday, June 20, 2010

Backward Nostalgia

My family and I were supposed to take an epic European adventure to Croatia this summer, touring Dubrovnik, Zagreb, the countryside and the impossibly picturesque Dalmatian Coast. We began discussing it in December 2008 - there were plans of kitschy family t-shirts and everything! Instead, I'll be spending the summer in a stale, air-conditioned office making key tracking databases. 
What's it called when you have an aching nostalgia for a place you've never even been to? That's what I've got. And it hurts.


michelle rene said...

it certainly won't cure this aching nostalgia...but my summer plans were just cancelled. lets get in the volvo and head south (or north or east, i'm not biased) for a weekend get-away. perhaps it will cure some travel loneliness. love you, bean.

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